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The Islamic Workplace
Follow the Sunna of the Prophets (s): How exercise benefits the brain and overall performance
by Rafik Beekun

"In a hadith narrated from Hazrat Ibn Umar (R.A) in which our beloved Prophet said ”Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding”. In Sahih Muslim, the Prophet (s) said, “Practice archery and horseback riding.”   The Prophet  (s) said “Any action without the remembrance of Allah is either a diversion or heedlessness except four acts: walking from target to target (during archery practice), training a horse, . . . , and learning to swim.”  (Reported by al Tabarani on good authority)   Finally, the Prophet (s) also allowed spear practice in the masjid, and also acted as a barrier for his wife Aisha (rah) when she was watching the Abyssinians practice sports."

If I understand correctly the missing section is 'playing with one's family', according to a later quote from al-tabari in the same article.

This reminds me of the prohibition in the early days of ISKCON (Hare Krishnas) against 'frivolous activity'

Aisha was Mohammed's third wife.

I liked this blog because not only does the author report on health and workplace issues from an Islamic perspective, I can see how a story from Islamic scripture could have multiple meanings, and even be misinterpreted, specifically when Mohammed wanted both sides of an archery team to win. His words, "Shoot and I am with you all," just cries out to be quoted out of context. My point is I am not a total Philistine when it comes to Islam, despite my overwhelming reservations.

The author provides link to multiple Islamic websites. One I skimmed was 40 Hadiths of Imam An-Nawawi. The author of The Islamic Workplace seems to be humanistic and sensible. However this hadith collection has numerous bloodthirsty teachings. You just can't escape this in Islam...

Hadith 8: "I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammed is the messenger of Allah and until they perform the prayers and pay the zakat, and if they do so they will have gained protection from me for their lives and property, unless [they do acts that are punishable] in accordance with Islam, and their reckoning will be with Allah the Almighty."
So, Mohammed advocates Muslims fighting non-Muslims continuously until we are no longer Muslim. Hmmm.

Hadith 14: "The blood of a Muslim may not be legally spilt other than in one of three [instances]: the married person who commits adultery; a life for a life; and one who forsakes his religion and abandons the community." 
So, the Islamic penalty for adultery and apostasy is the same as for someone who commits the crime of murder

Hadith 28: "The messenger of Allah gave us a sermon by which our hearts were filled with fear and tears came to our eyes. We said: "O Messenger of Allah, it is as though this is a farewell sermon, so councel [sic] us." He said: "I councel [sic] you to fear Allah and to give absolute obedience even if a slave becomes your leader. Verily he among you who lives [long] will see great controversy, so you must keep to my sunnah and to the sunnah of the rightly-guided Khalifahs - cling to them stubbornly. Beware of newly invented matters, for every invented matter is an innovation and every innovation is a going astray, and every going astray is in Hell-fire."
So science is evil? I am not keen on Hutterites saying this sort of thing. But buggy-drivers aren't blowing up buildings.

Hadith 29"O Messenger of Allah, tell me of an act which will take me into Paradise and will keep me away from Hell fire." He said: "You have asked me about a major matter, yet it is easy for him for whom Allah Almighty makes it easy. You should worship Allah, associating nothing with Him, you should perform the prayers, you should pay the zakat, you should fast in Ramadan, and you should make the pilgrimage to the House." Then he said:" Shall I not show you the gates of goodness ? Fasting [which] is a shield, charity [which] extigueshes [sic] sin as water extebgueshes [sic] fire; and the praying of a man in the deapth [sic] of night." Then he recited : "Who forsake their beds to cry unto their Lord in fear and hope, and spend of that We have bestowed on them. No soul knoweth what is kept hid for them of joy, as a reward for what they used to do". (quran, verse) Then he said: " Shall I not tell you of the peak of the matter, its pillar, and its topmost part?" I said: "Yes, O Messenger of Allah." He said: "The peak of the matter is Islam; the pillar is prayer; and its topmost part is jihad." Then he said: "Shall I not tell you of the controling [sic] of all that ?" I said:"Yes, O Messenger of Allah", and he took hold of his tongue and said: "Restrain this." I said: "O Prophet of Allah, will what we say be held against us ?" He said: "May your mother be bereaved of you, Muadh ! Is there anything that topples people on their faces - or he said on their noses into Hell-fire other than the jests of their tongues ?"
War is paramount and a sense of humour is not part of Islam. As someone with Buddhist leanings, I find this totally foreign.

Hadith 32: "There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm."
So, intermixed with inspirations to violence are normal ethical teachings.

Check out Hadith 35 and 36. Do they imply that unethical acts are OK against non-Muslims? There are actually 42 hadiths in this collection.

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