Thursday, May 25, 2017

Canada is no longer my home

I think there is no future for Canada if we continue this way.

I am looking to expatriate myself from Canada. I do not feel at home here. I do not have a martial bone in my body and prefer to flee than to fight. Political activism is not my thing. And I am old. If I choose to keep my Canadian residency for financial benefit I will stay the minimum months necessary for health care and other benefits.

My grandparents on my father's side were (legal) immigrants from Norway. My best friend in elementary school was Cantonese. My highschool working-class chums were Scots, Italians, Greek-Cypriots, Finns etc. Catholics, atheists, Orthodox Christians, Jews. And I must add, an Ismaili Muslims from East Africa. They adapted and fit in. The Muslims from the Middle East I am not so sure about. No, I am very sure. they might not at all.

Muslim immigration and pro-Islamic policies at various levels of government is not my major reason for wanting to leave however. For decades I have been trying to leave this cold wet place that is too expensive for my low budget. Demographic and political changes are just nails in the coffin.

I noticed the change about ten years ago when I started seeing headscarves in my residential neighbourhood in Coquitlam. There had for decades been Iranians (political refugees post-Islamic revolution) in North Vancouver, but they had always been rather secular and cosmopolitan. Also rich.

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