Monday, May 22, 2017

If I run as an independent candidate here is my platform

I am not an absolutist. I am willing to listen to experts, inlcuding those of differing opinions. But here are my most important political concerns, in order of priority...

1. Muslim immigration: Immediate moratorium on Muslim immigration. There are of course some exceptions (Ahmaddiyas and Ismailis come to mind) but if you are a male named Mohammed, you cannot 100% prove your past and present, and you are from a known jihadi country - you're not coming in, even as a tourist. Of course most Muslims are decent people, but it's not that small fraction of Buddhists and Baptists we are worried about.

2. Canadian money supply: No more borrowing money from private banks at interest and indebting the nation. Bank of Canada can issue its own money supply

3. Demonopolizing: No more HIBC, Fraser Health and other regional health corporations, ICBC, PGT etc. Either competitive businesses or government departments. This includes the closing down of CBC propoganda machine and liquor control boards.

4. Decriminalization or legalization of 'vice': Cannabis - Using, growing, selling. Gambling, prostitution, pornography. More or less everything. Government is not a nanny. Families and social groups make these decisions.

5. Better senior's care: Nursing care at present is a disgrace

6. Welfare reform: Serious consideration of minimum income program. Who are we fooling saying anyone can survive on $610 per month?

7. Isolationist military: Except in extreme risk situation (ISIL), no more Canadian troops overseas. Possibly tax credits and other system so private citizens can finance a counter-jihad.

8. Family Allowance increases: for non-Muslim families. Plus other increntives to reverse the Islamization of Canada. This is only one of the many prongs in an assertive campaign to take back Canbada for people with Canadian values.

Some of my programs are liberal, even socialist. Some are  conservative, many are small 'l' libertarian. I can see some sense in the NDP (social democrats) and also the Conservatives and Christian Heritage Party, but I have no patience with the 'Liberals'.

My motto is 'let's cut the BS'.

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