Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Public facilities being used for sectarian prayer?

While working out at the gym I noticed that in the hallway there is a discreet arrow on the ceiling of one hall pointing in the south or south-east direction.

Could this be kiblat, the standard amenity in hotels in such Muslim countries as Indonesia and Malaysia?

Are special accommodations being made to Islamic prayer? Is this legal, when there is certainly no accommodation made to the majority Christian population sensibilities such as greeting Merry Christmas or having a creche?

I will investigate further....

Hmm, after googling qibla (perhaps I was using a non-Arabic pronunciation) I found a site where on can look up according to one's googled location. I must be wrong, the arrow is way off - qibla is NNE not due south, which is where the arrow points.

To verify, I will politely ask a Muslim lad working out.

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