Sunday, July 2, 2017

Where I am coming from - it is not the same as Act Up! and others

To keep all this in context, I have very insignificant roots in Canada. I was born here, carry a Canadian passport, have Canadian residency and I like some things about Canada, but I am really not a nationalist nor do I have any emotional attachment for this country. My relationship to Canada is one of convenience. In fact, I consider governments to be like landlords. If the conditions of tenancy become undesirable, change residence. I know it has connotations of Jew-hating but I like the phrase 'rootless cosmopolitan'. I spent many years travelling and aside for legal protections, cleanliness and infrastructure I feel like a fish out of water here. In fact, I have been trying for twenty years to expatriate myself to several other countries in Southeast Asia but haven't managed it. But in my old age there are advantages of keeping Canadian residency.

Thus, I am not a flag waver. I am technically Canadian. If I could manage it I would probably apply for US citizenship also (for gun rights and better freedom of expression) and live in 3-4 different countries. I am not much of a fighter and would rather vote with my feet (simply leave to where there is a very small Muslim population). This is what Swedes have been doing for decades, more to escape high taxes. Demograpghics of religion is not the be all and end all of where I want to live. But in the last five years it has become a factor that didn't exist before. Previously all I wanted to do was live in a Buddhist country. Now I don't care if it is Buddhist or Christian as long as the Muslim population is less than 1% and there is little political power by Muslim organizations. So, outside of Asia (my favourite continent for culture, women, food etc) I am looking towards Poland, Hungary, Ukraine etc - peoples who are standing up against Islam.

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